Conference Season

Conference season is just around the corner.

I have to admit, I am kind of a conference geek. It all started in my undergrad when I was able to attend several national conferences and I was hooked. I love travelling, learning and meeting new people, so what better way to combine all of those interests than a conference?

Academic conferences are excellent for networking, polishing your public speaking skills and getting feedback on your ideas. My first conference this year will be “Out of the Box” the UBC ISGP Student Conference on March 21st:

A student conference is a great way to test the waters in a less intimidating setting. It’s also more cost effective, since you don’t have travel and accommodation costs involved.

I’ve had abstracts accepted at both a national and international conference later this spring. I am currently working on travel funding but am hoping to be able to attend both of these conferences as well. One will be new to me and the other is a conference I attended four years ago, so am hoping to make it back this year. UBC Grad Studies offers travel funding in the amount of $500 once per degree program so take advantage of this if you can: Sometimes your advisor or the director of the school can provide funding for conference travel as well if you do not have travel funding through a grant or fellowship. Most conferences offer a discounted fee for students and some offer scholarships or hardship waivers for poor grad students. Just ask and see what happens!


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