In my research course this week, I was joking about how self-reflection is beat into us in social work training and so it becomes rather instinctive when conducting research. I also found myself reflecting on my journey through university and grad school yesterday when an old friend came into town. We met at a conference in Toronto eight years ago and last saw each other in 2006, so it was wonderful to catch up on what has been happening in our lives since undergrad.

I was extremely fortunate to receive an In-Course Millennium Excellence Scholarship ( for my undergraduate studies and part of the award was an opportunity to travel to Toronto and Ottawa for conferences with the other award recipients from all over Canada. Through that program, I made some amazing friends and became connected with the Canadian undergraduate bioethics conference, which fueled my interest in ethics and connections with students from many different fields of study. I am certain that these experiences were the root of my interest in pursuing graduate school and a PhD. These types of opportunities are all over the place and I would encourage everyone to look for them and take part because you never know where they might lead. It was fun to reminisce about all the steps that led to where I am now.


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