Why I Joined the Blog Squad

As part of my goal to become more engaged in the goings-on at UBC, this year I have decided to join the “blog squad” and share some of my thoughts, tips and experiences with anyone who finds their way to this wonderful collection of blogs. UBC has a massive number of prospective students from all over Canada and the rest of the world, and if I can be of any assistance to them in their decision making process, writing a few blog posts seems a small token of appreciation for all the opportunities I have been given through my experiences at UBC.

A little about me: I recently started a new graduate program in the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program (ISGP) combining my interest in adult education and bioethics. My previous graduate degree was also from UBC although I completed it nearly five years ago and a lot has changed in the UBC community since then. I was a commuter student on my first go-round, so some of my tips will be directed at the brave souls who travel from the suburbs and beyond to attend UBC. Blogging will also allow me to focus my interest in using social media to reach a wider audience than is typically possible in academic circles.


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